Monday, March 1, 2010

Rivera, Sansom Re-Run, Enters Congressional Race

From FDP:

Given that State Representative David Rivera was handpicked by scandal-magnet Ray Sansom to head the House Budget Committee, Rivera's announcement today that he'll seek the Republican nomination to run for Congress in Florida's 25th district means Rivera starts his campaign under an ethical cloud.

"It hasn't even been a week since disgraced Speaker Ray Sansom resigned under criminal indictment and now his handpicked Budget Chair says he's running for Congress. Is this an indication of how hard it is to find a Republican candidate in Florida not marked by scandal?" asked Eric Jotkoff, spokesman for the Florida Democratic Party. "Rivera better tell Floridians the truth about his role in the scandal that's gripping the Republican Party of Florida and whether he had an RPOF AmEx card. Until he comes clean with the voters of Florida, he will continue to face serious questions about his shady associations and backroom deals."

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