Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who Will Tim Pawlenty endorse in Florida Republican Senate Primary?

From FDP:

As Minn. Gov. and Presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty travels to Orlando today to raise money for the Republican Governor's Association, Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman called on Pawlenty to let Floridians know who he will support in the state's primary. Pawlenty has refused to make an endorsement, even though his Political Action Committee's mission is "helping candidates and translating our ideas into policies that everyone can relate to and support."

"It's a simple question -- will Tim Pawlenty let Floridians know where he stands on the Crist/Rubio primary? Will he join Jim DeMint and the rest of the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party in endorsing Speaker Rubio? Or will he risk angering his base by endorsing Gov. Crist? The real question here is this: if Tim Pawlenty really considers himself a national Republican leader, shouldn't he have enough spine to say publically where he stands on the Florida Republican Senate primary?"

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