Monday, January 18, 2010

Reacting to ABC News Investigation, Florida Democrats Question Mica's Conflicts of Interest

From FDP:

Reacting to the recent ABC News investigation into Congressman John Mica's potential conflicts-of-interests between his daughters public relations work and earmarks Congressman Mica sought, Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff released the following statement:

"This investigation raises major questions regarding potential conflicts of interest for Representative Mica and it is time that the people of Florida got some answers. It's difficult to believe it's a coincidence that Representative Mica consistently uses his power and influence in Washington for big spending projects that his daughter's clients have interests in. His daughter does the spin for the Wash and Dry cycle that gets money from her influential father to her big spending clients. This sort of unsavory backroom dealing is exactly what's wrong with politics as usual and why we need a new direction in Florida's 7th district."

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  1. Corrupt Congressman John Mica. His Daughter D’Anne. Living Off The Fat Of The Land:

    “…The Mica Family Hustle is a stunningly simple one. It is also an ill-gotten fraud - on you. Congressman John Luigi Mica scratches his greasy projectile chin-sweat at the American public. Congressman John Luigi Mica continues to engage in corrupt acts solely benefitting the pocketbooks and wallets of aero-mercantilists and other transportation private-sector mercenaries – always to the utter harm of ordinary American citizens. The cash-in-the-envelope that Congressman Mica receives in exchange, materializes when these companies put John Mica’s 34-year-old drunk-driving porcine publicist daughter D’Anne Leigh Mica on the transportation-industry payroll, through the guise of public-relations services agreements with her company “Mica Strategic Communications”.