Monday, January 25, 2010

Speaker Rubio's Just Saying No Won't Bring Jobs To Florida

Today, Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff released the following statement demanding to know how Speaker Marco Rubio's "just saying no" to efforts to jumpstart Florida's economy will bring new jobs to Florida, after the Crist Administration announced Florida's unemployment rate is up to 11.8 percent:

"As Florida House Speaker, Marco Rubio crafted the economic policies that took our state's economy down the wrong path. During Speaker Rubio's watch, Florida's economy collapsed while Rubio did nothing to bring new jobs to Florida or jumpstart our economy.

"Like the typical politician that he is, Rubio's recent rhetoric doesn't fit his record. Speaker Rubio refuses to tell Floridians if he continues to support the largest sales tax increase in Florida's history, which he sponsored while in the Legislature. And Rubio won't say how he will help Floridians suffering during these hard economic times.

"Floridians deserve answers, but all Speaker Rubio has to say is 'No.'"

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