Sunday, January 31, 2010

Will Bill Young Run To Put Washington Republicans First?

The Florida Democratic Party today urged Congressman Bill Young to seriously consider if he wants to run for re-election to represent the interests of his district or to please national Republican leaders in Congress. In recent days, media reports have made clear that Young might run for re-election because of pressure from national Republican leaders.

"After 39 years in Washington, Congressman Bill Young has lost touch with the people of Pinellas County. Rather than listening to the Floridians demanding change, Congressman Young instead has made it clear that his decision to retire depends on lobbying from the Republican Party bosses in Washington," said Eric Jotkoff, Florida Democratic Party Spokesman. "The people of Florida's 10th district need someone to represent them, unfortunately Congressman Young is only listening to Washington Republicans and their special interest friends. So rather than doing what Washington Republicans demand, maybe Young will finally put his district first and retire. If not, the voters will tarnish what legacy Young has left by throwing him out of office this fall."


According to Darryl Paulson, a political science professor with a "long relationship with Young", Rep. Young has changed his mind and decided to run "in response to intense lobbying from national Republicans." [Tampa Tribune, 1/25/2010]
Young has acknowledged that if he decides to run it's because: "I'm getting lobbied big time to run for re-election." [St. Petersburg Times, 1/13/2010]

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